July 2020

Partner CIMNE publishes article in renowned journal with the support of SENSEI

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A review of the methods to measure energy efficiency savings in buildings was published in the renowned journal "Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews". One of the reasons why buildings in Europe do not become more energy-efficient is a lack of robust methodologies able to evaluate the effect of energy efficiency. Researchers from CIMNE, the International

June 2020

Renovation is the way to go – perspectives on how to market energy-efficiency in the building sector

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Project SENSEI, together with other six Horizon 2020 projects: LAUNCH, Novice, Triple-A, U-Cert, QualitEE, and Quest, took part in the European Sustainable Week (EUSEW) as a digital side policy session on the 18th of June to discuss Energy Transition: New Business Models to De-Risk Investments and Kick-Start the EU Building Renovation Wave. The session was

Our latest report reviews 11 P4P case-studies and paves the way for the EU

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Europe’s buildings have the potential to play a key role in our future energy systems. Making them more efficient reduces the need for expensive power plant capacity, defers the costly upgrading of network infrastructure, and enables this infrastructure to be used with more flexibility. Energy efficiency is still not adequately compensated for these benefits and

February 2020

Newly released SENSEI report on Energy Efficiency value

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The value that energy efficiency generates in the energy system SENSEI has issued a report on the mechanisms by which energy efficiency’s value can be rewarded and the changes needed to enable those rewards, at the policy, regulatory and industry level. Energy efficiency provides value to the energy system in different ways: it reduces energy

November 2019

Representing SENSEI at the KEY ENERGY fair in Italy

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On the 7th Nov. 2019, SINERGIE partner on behalf of SENSEI was at the KEY ENERGY fair in Rimini Italy, the international event of the Mediterranean region dedicated to energy. Some the topics addressed were:Renewable energies Storage and solutions for distributed electricity generationEnergy efficiency in buildings and industrial processes Cogeneration, trigeneration, micro-cogeneration Sustainable City: smart