NOVICE will develop and demonstrate a new business model in building renovation to better monetize energy efficiency by consolidating services and subsequent revenue streams from both energy savings and demand response.

LAUNCH aims to accelerate deal closure and pipeline growth for Sustainable Energy Assets through standardised material. This includes investor-grade Energy Performance Contracts, standardised risk assessment protocols for investors, a roadmap for project developers to access growth capital, and market-tested value propositions for project developers’ end-clients.

TRIPLE-A to assist financial institutions and project developers increase their deployment of capital in energy efficiency, making investments more transparent predictable and attractive.

RenOnBill aims to scale up investments towards deep energy renovations of residential buildings by promoting the development and implementation of on-bill schemes, based on the cooperation between energy utilities and financial institutions.

AmBIENce – Actively Managed Buildings with Energy Performance Contracting – is an H2020 project that aims to extend the concept of energy performance contracting for active building and making the model available and attractive to a wider range of building typologies.

X-tendo and its toolbox introduce ten features of the next generation of energy performance certificates, to provide public authorities with improved compliance, reliability, usability and convergence of next-generation energy performance assessment and certification.

U-CERT is a Horizon 2020 project (September 2019 – August 2022) with the main aim to introduce the next generation of user-centred Energy Performance Assessment and Certification Scheme to value buildings in a holistic and cost-effective manner.

The main goal of QUEST is to promote investments in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency by identifying and empirically risk-grading factors that influence energetic performance of buildings, making it more profitable to invest in sustainable buildings.

frESCO is developing new EPCs to disengage from current old-fashioned savings-based performance contracts and allow to evolve energy market trends towards new hybrid schemes that not only reduce costs, but also create new revenue streams for the end-consumers/ prosumers, by empowering them to participate in energy transactions and become active players to the overlay energy market actors. In this context, frESCO project will deliver the next generation of EPC under the principle of Pay for Performance.

The EN-TRACK platform will facilitate increased energy efficiency investments in the European building stock by enabling massive gathering of data of energy and cost savings from energy efficiency investments. Building on previous and parallel efforts in this area, EN-TRACK will be fully interoperable with other databases and tools such as the De-risking Energy Efficiency Platform (DEEP) and eQuad.