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D1.3 KPI and impact assessment
D1.5 Final Publishable Report
D3.3 Communication Packages
D4.1 Opportunities and requirements for monetizing energy efficiency as an energy resource in EU
D4.2 The drivers of the value of energy efficiency as an energy resource
D4.3 The boundary cases for the P4P rates
D4.4 Experience and lessons learned from P4P pilots for energy efficiency
D5.2 Guidelines for the design of P4P schemes
D5.3 Guidelines for the design of effective P4P rate structures
D6.1 The SENSEI methodology for the exante evaluation of the financial benefits
D6.3 Variants of P4P schemes to engage third party investors in energy efficiency
D6.4 Proposal on the specifications for P4P project data
D6.5 The business model of the energy efficiency aggregator
D7.1 Methods for the dynamic M&V of energy savings
D7.4 Functional design options for the SENSEI smart services
D8.1 Policy developments in EU and strategies for P4P business models
D8.2 Consolidated services and technical standards catalogue
D8.3 Governance models and P4P acceptance
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Energy Efficiency – Innovative Financing: Stakeholder Benefits

Anagnostopoulos, F. (1), Celestino, A. (2), Papadelis, S. (3), Pede, G. (4), Gydahl-Jensen, C. (5)

  1. The Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy, The Netherlands
  2. Regulatory Assistance Project, Belgium
  3. HEBES Intelligence Single Member P.C., Greece
  4. SINERGIE Società Consortile a Responsabilità Limitata, Italy
  5. GECO Global ApS, Denmark

Presentation of SENSEI project with focus on stakeholder benefits. In short, explaining what benefits stakeholders can gain by joining the project and get involved in co-creation of the development of P4P model.
>> Full presentation available, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3552322

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