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We are proud to be present at the 5th AIEE Energy Symposium with this Special Session: Smart Energy Services to Improve the Energy Efficiency of the European Building Stock. You can sign up for the event here.


  • “Adaptability of Pay-for-Performance schemes for promoting energy efficiency in the EU”. Presenter: Dimitra Tzani, Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy, The Netherland
  • “Towards a performance-based energy economy. The increasing value of Pay for Performance schemes”
    Presenter: Sotiris Papadelis, HEBES Intelligence, Greece
  • “Pay for Performance (P4P) models to foster investment in Energy Efficiency in buildings”
    Presenter: Charles-Henri Bourgois, Geert Goorden, Factor4, Belgium
  • “Devising classes of energy efficiency measure for evaluating pay-4-performance (P4P) rate that energy provider will be willing to offer in pay-4-performance scheme”
    Presenter: Arturo Lapietra, Omnia Energia, Italy