How can the Pay-for-Performance (P4P) model contribute to increasing Energy Efficiency rates and investments in the European Union? Can energy savings be seen as a resource? How will the implementation of energy retrofitting projects positively impact different groups of stakeholders?  

These and other topics will be discussed during a Capacity Building Event, which will be organised by SENSEI Consortium on 27/09/22 from 14:00 to 16:00 CET. The workshop will specifically address the needs and the point of view of a critical group of stakeholders – Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and will see the participation of BELESCO members; however, it is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about energy efficiency schemes and the P4P model.  

The next age of Energy Efficiency – Boosting Energy Renovation rates in the EU with P4P

In anticipation of a drastic increase in energy retrofitting projects in the upcoming years, SENSEI project is proposing a P4P scheme tailored to the EU market and aimed at fostering energy efficiency investments in buildings. Thanks to the aggregation of such projects and access to a broader market, P4P schemes will help ESCOs increase the profit of energy retrofitting projects. Therefore, we can say that the P4P models represent a boost for the market of energy efficiency services and, in general, for energy renovation rates at an EU level.

The Capacity Building Event will address these topics with a presentation of SENSEI P4P model, how it can boost energy efficiency investments, and some practical implementation examples and best practices from the United States. During a dedicated workshop, participants will be invited to go more in-depth on the implications and the benefits for the ESCOs in the implementation of P4P model, and the topic of attracting funding and investments to energy renovation will be further investigated, as well as the link between P4P and other energy efficiency models. Check out the programme


Participation in the event is free upon registration.