How can building policies facilitate the development of performance-based energy efficiency programmes, like Pay-for-Performance (P4P) schemes, in the EU?

SENSEI has launched a survey to help P4P schemes’ replicability in Europe.

This survey supports SENSEI in identifying how policy and regulatory developments in the EU may become a risk or an opportunity for P4P schemes, by capturing energy experts and market players perceptions on a variety of regulatory, policy and market variables.

The survey is targeted at all people interested in the energy transition in the building sector: energy policy experts, energy efficiency experts, energy consultants, energy companies, DSOs/ TSOs, university/ research organisations, the public sector, etc.

By taking part, you will be making an important contribution to how policymaking efforts in the building sector in the EU should be adjusted.

Find more background information and fill out the survey here.

We thank you in advance for sharing your expertise and your time!