The SENSEI project is now half-way through its timeline so it is time for a status and to share three major updates!

Firstly, we are glad to present a new landmark technology: a next-generation energy efficiency meter named eensight has been created based on machine learning and is being made available to the SENSEI stakeholder community for scrutiny and further development. In the coming months we will present this advanced energy efficiency metering tool in more details, so stay tuned!

Secondly, the SENSEI project is advancing the knowledge base on Pay-for-Performance schemes in Europe, and openly exploring collaboration opportunities for P4P schemes in the context of energy efficiency financing, monitoring of government programme implementation, and supporting efficient planning of the electricity grid.

This knowledge will be made available to our stakeholders through a number of resources that provide guidance on setting up P4P schemes, insights on the business model of energy efficiency aggregation, and an early version of Software as a Service (SaaS) supporting energy efficiency.

Thirdly, we see an increased potential for the P4P concept to be applied in energy communities, to monitor existing government programmes (e.g. for Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes), and to support the efficient upgrade of the electricity grid.

In short, entering springtime we are very optimistic! Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated and get involved.