A review of the methods to measure energy efficiency savings in buildings was published in the renowned journal “Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews“.

One of the reasons why buildings in Europe do not become more energy-efficient is a lack of robust methodologies able to evaluate the effect of energy efficiency.

Researchers from CIMNE, the International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering, including the lead author Benedetto Grillone, have delivered a thorough overview of the different methodologies, in specific the data-driven ones, that can be used for the measurement and verification of energy savings, and for the prediction and recommendation of energy retrofitting strategies.

In particular, novel techniques to estimate energy efficiency savings in buildings were reviewed, as well as techniques to plan energy retrofitting strategies in buildings.

Furthermore, it also analyses the strengths and weaknesses of every method and provides guidance to determine which method would work best, depending on the case, which makes it a valuable resource for stakeholders in the field.

The results of this research have been partly founded by SENSEI.

Read the paper, A review of deterministic and data-driven methods to quantify energy efficiency savings and to predict retrofitting scenarios in buildings, here.