The EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is the biggest event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. The 15th edition of EUSEW, on the topic “Beyond the Crisis: Clean Energy for Green Recovery and Growth” will be held as a digital event on 22-26 June 2020.

SENSEI together with EU projects LAUNCH, Novice, Triple-A, U-Cert, QualitEE and Quest will participate at EUSEW as a side policy session on the 18th of June at 12h00-13h30, virtually at and portals, under the theme “Energy Transition: New Business Models to De-Risk Investments and Kick-Start the EU Building Renovation Wave“.

The session aims to:

  1. Present advancements in energy efficiency financing to foster sustainable growth and novel demand-side business models, supporting the identification of transparent and predictable investments.
  2. Illustrate practical examples of how existing and emerging financing and technical tools are facilitating building renovation projects and targeting recommendations on policy framework and market architecture.
  3. Gather feedback from relevant stakeholders to improve the policy-relevance of project outcomes, actively engage, and invite them for further collaboration on energy efficiency financing

Concerned stakeholders:

  • Policy makers, policy support institutes & public authorities
  • Energy utilities, EPCs providers, ESCOs, housing associations, aggregators, building sector professional stakeholders, construction companies & building technology suppliers
  • Investment banks and funds, insurance companies, financial advisors, Unit Investment Trusts and develop./manag. of financial products
  • Energy system operators and regulators: TSOs, DSOs, ACER
  • NGOs, Think Tanks, Energy Agencies, citizen groups and consumer associations.

Sotiris Papadelis, on behalf of SENSEI, will discuss “Business Models Offering Energy Efficiency as a Power System Resource“.

Below the complete programme.