The goal of SENSEI project is to develop new opportunities for investors to share risks and benefits in the refurbishing of the European building stock. Pay-for-performance is an alternative approach to create incentives for energy efficiency.

Mia Dragović Matosović: IEECP (Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy, NETHERLAND) will be supporting the project leader of project SENSEI. With IEECP team members having managed more than a dozen HORIZON projects, we will bring our profound coordination experience on board and will support all partners to surpass the goals set for SENSEI.
Dr. Vlasis Oikonomou: My role will be in the finances, juggling budgets and untighten knots in conflicts of hours.
(Photo: GECO Global)

“The most important part of SENSEI is to turn theory into practice, in other words, to go from academia to reality. How do we bring SENSEI ideas of pay-for-performance into the market? That is a big challenge. That is why we have to keep our eyes on getting stakeholders involved”, Vlasis from IEECP says.

“We will need to bring stakeholders like investors on board and we need to sell SENSEI right from the beginning. Don’t do it on your own! Let stakeholders in, to help us out. This should be a bottom-up process, to unite the market players in modelling and players who know the commercial market. If we work hands-on from the beginning and include stakeholders, we can make our work much easier.” Vlasis concludes.